Thursday, January 31, 2008

John McCain Is the Best Republicans Can Come Up With?

Have we all just forgotten that just a few years ago, John McCain came in a distant second to George Bush in the last Presidential race on the Republican side? So, the best we can do this time around is a Republican retread? I mean, he wasn't even as good as George last time around, in the eye of the public.

Just as conservative Republicans like myself have been sorely disappointed with George W. no doubt we will be if John McCain is elected. As he is a career politician with a very long and very public voting record, it would be hard to pin him down on his real stand on key conservative issues. To be elected, he is "moderating" or waffling on certain issues of particular interest.

Perhaps the overriding issue in the next President will be his/her ability to appoint judges. This power has an effect long after they leave office.

At this stage of the race, I feel rather isolated. With Fred Thompson out, no other candidate comes close to my political views.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tulsa Chigger Is Back!

After a two month hiatus, the Tulsa Chigger is back! Anticipating a number of local and national topics we all can sink our teeth into.

Illegal Immigration
Political Corruption
Loss of Landmarks

Oh, how could I forget? Public Education!