Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs

Stop signs. Need I say more? About ten years ago, Tulsa started placing stop signs all over neighborhoods. I mean they poliferated about every two blocks. They repositioned some of them to and I find myself still slowing down where the old one used to be and breezing through the new one.

Is this really necessary? I know that people do speed in some neighborhoods. But I really think that maybe yield signs would prove just as effective. And lets eliminate some of the stop signs inside neighborhoods too. It makes us use more gasoline and wears out our brake pads.

What's up with the speed trap at the foot of shadow mountain between 61st & 71st on Sheridan? You can ride your breaks and still coast down that hill an will make 50 mph in a 40 zone. The police just sit there on either side of the road all day and write tickets. People figure it out pretty quickly and then continue speeding when the police finally leave. Really, there's pretty much nothing but undeveloped land on the west and housing on the east and lots of wide open space. The speed limit there should be raised to 45.

On a good note, on Sunday a group of Tulsa firefighters came to my church and made a presentation to my group of K-2nd graders. We cooked some burgers and hotdogs and the firefighters did the rest. What a great group of guys. They are true community leaders and heros! Way to go guys! :)

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