Saturday, July 29, 2006

MSM Chooses its Word Carefully

The MSM is choosing its words carefully in its reporting about the murderer who shot and killed one person and severely wounded several others in a rage in Seattle. Here is a link to an article about it here.

The man's name is Naveed Afzal Haq.

He is 30 years old.

Eyewitnesses (earwitnesses) heard him say at the time of the shooting "I am a Muslim American, angry at Israel".

Police would not confirm that he was a muslim. Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske said at a news conference, "you could infer that that was his background." However it should be noted that the Seattle police were moving in officers to protect area synagogues and mosques because there is always a threat of a retaliatory crime.

The man's parents are really shook up.

It most likely will be treated as a hate crime.

The attacks occured at a Jewish agency. Its Web site describes its mission as "to ensure Jewish survival and enhance the quality of Jewish life by meeting needs locally, in Israel and worldwide."

He came in behind a person who entered with their security pass. He started to randomly shoot at people, killing one, critically injuring 3 others and wounding an additional two.

I think the slang term for this is that he went "postal".

Since the police chief wouldn't even use the word muslim, I wonder if anyone in Seattle or anywhere else for that matter will investigate the motives and connections of this man?

Personal Opinion: We will hear of many, many more of these incidents in the future.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Michael DelGiorno laid the lop-sided defeat yesterday of Bob Sullivan by Ernest Istook at the feet of a negative ad featuring the comic genius, Gailard Sartain.

One of us is out of touch. I firmly believe Bob's strong showing here in Tulsa is due to his use of Gailard. Before that, who knew anything about him? That put him on the radar screen, so to speak.

Bob's problem is one of name recognition, and Istook has that hands down. It would have been nearly impossible to overcome Istook with his well established career in politics. No doubt Istook carried Oklahoma, sans Tulsa, with big numbers.

I would love to see the voting numbers in Eastern Oklahoma for men over the age of 48. I'll bet you dollars to donuts that those who were around here in the early 70's cast their vote for Bob overwhelmingly. Anyone who would use Mazeppa to poke some comic relief in a rather dull campaign shows they have a great sense of humor. That would be a great quality for any politician to have, especially a governor.

Lawzeeeeee! Let's to to Turley!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Oklahoma's Second in Command

I am amused by all the sudden interest in the position of Lieutenant Governor for Oklahoma. This is a largely ceremonial position, much like that of the V.P. of the U.S.

I have lost count of all the candidates running for this office. I have to ask myself, why? Judging once again by the amount of money being spent on campaigns, I am left with the conclusion that it is power lust.

Kudo's to Mary Fallin our current Lt. Governor. She has done a fine job, whatever the job was. She was there long enough to make a difference. At least I remember who the Lt. Governor is. Oh yeah, Lt. Governor since 1994, first woman and first Republican Lt. Governor of Oklahoma (about time, don't you think?) :)

Well, the Republicans and the Democrats obviously think this is an important race. They are pouring millions into campaigns for a job that only pays pretty well. Nothing in the range though to justify on its face the money being spent to get your candidate there. So then, why?

Both parties are jockeying for power and position, whereever they perceive they have a real chance. I am sick of all the phoneys coming out of the woodwork.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Green with Envy

Ever since I heard the lesson recently in church about jealousy and all the consequences and ramifications of it, I have for the first time been able to come to terms with what is happening to the U.S. and Israel in the context of the Middle East.

Jealousy and envy are sins. They are sins of the mental attitude, but sins nonetheless. All sin starts in the mind. Some types of sin go further and express themselves with the tongue. Still others originate in the mental attitude and express themselves overtly, i.e. murder and theft.

In extreme forms, jealousy can manifest itself in psychosis.

It is evident that what we term "radical islam" is jealous of the United States. They are envious of our freedom. Jesus Christ came that we might have freedom in Him. We built this country based on the freedoms we enjoy from our liberty in Christ.

Islam is jealous to the extreme about our religous liberty. Ditto with our free and open society. They can't stand it. Jealous people make demands on others. Islam demands we see things their way. Some are so jealous, they will strap on explosives and set it off in a crowd of innocent people. This is the psychosis we see in extreme forms of jealousy.

The next time you see the images on the MSM, look closer. You might notice the tinge of green that comes from envy!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Urban Tulsa Cover

The most common remark about the cover of this week's Urban Tulsa is: "I thought it was a man!"

Very few people could look good with such a close-up photograph. I wonder where the mayor's PR people went?

Take time to read the article. I read it with great interest.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Memorial High School Gets A New Principal

Elizabeth Martin, a longtime Tulsa educator and administrator has just announced she will be the next principal of Tulsa's Memorial High School. She has been the Director of the Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences for the past two years. Under her leadership, TSAS has continued its path of academic excellence.

Here is her quote from the TSAS website, "It is with mixed emotions that I am tendering my resignation from TSAS. I have been offered a professional growth opportunity to become the new Principal at Memorial High School, and I have chosen to accept the offer.

I have loved my two years with this school, the faculty, and the students. There are many wonderful developments going on here. I will miss you all but will not be far away. I wish TSAS continued success ~ please come see me anytime!

Elizabeth Martin, Director"

The Board of TSAS is accepting applications for a new Director from now until July 21st.

The Sound Bite Phenomenon

After viewing the excellent on the spot coverage by Pamela a.k.a. Atlas Shrugs of an anti Israeli protest in New York City this week, I am struck by the fact that I would never get this kind of coverage from the MSN. Pamela has recently added the VLOG feature to her blog.

In a 4+ minute video, she provided up close and personal on-the-spot coverage. With great courage she confronts the protesters and you see their unedited response. Nothing left to the cutting room floor here. You get a REAL sense of what's going on. The combination of a video camera and a blog give the American citizen a real news story exactly as it happened.

I just know I would never have seen this type of coveage from any of the local or national media. Perhaps it would be reported in a local paper, buried in the back somewhere?

This reaffirms the need for the alternative news viewpoint represented by bloggers. And Tulsa is lucky to have a great group of bloggers, the Tulsa Bloggers.