Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sign Controversy

Here is an idea to educate Tulsans about the city ordinances regarding signage and the correct placement of signs, print the ordinance on one of those cheap signs and have volunteers place those all over town.

A simple and straightforward approach to the problem.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Spread was covered


Even more than I expected.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Countering the Hype

In order to provide a bit of sanity and balance to the lopsided coverage of this weekend's OU/Texas football game, I make this prediction: Texas will win by at least 7 points. That's not much of a limb, I know, since the bookies have them favored by 5.

If you could be objective for just a moment and try to imagine you have just been transported to Oklahoma from another state. You turn on the TV, or the radio, or pick up the local paper. The hype is overwhelming and all pro OU. You would no doubt think that everyone was crazy. I'm sure it's the same for Texas down in Austin. Sports in general, and football in particular is the "religion" of our culture. Get a life!

I have not seen the "sooner magic" since the KING of Oklahoma, Barry Switzer, left. I still have a tremendous respect for him. He was soooo enthusiastic on the sideline, in the pre and post game interviews, everywhere. He got the best players and then he got the best out of them. They seemed to always find a way to win. Stoops is a good coach, but not a great coach.

Texas by 7+

Monday, October 02, 2006

Tulsa Chigger's River Vision

With all the public discourse on the Arkansas River development proposal. I, of course, would like to add my two cents.

It has been my vision for some time now to re-route some of the water from the muddy Arkansas river to a channel or canal through Tulsa's downtown area. Yeah, let us get rid of a few of those pesky one-way downtown streets. Bring the water to downtown and kill two birds with one stone!

Water has an amazing way of attracting people. It's kinda nice to walk or drive across a bridge. It attracts people and wildlife (not that we need any more crazys in our downtown area). Think of the riverwalk in San Antonio. Have you ever been to downtown Milwaukee? It is fantastic! Now that's something we could shoot for.

Another thing, I don't want to vote on any idea until the project has firm turn-key contract costs associated with it. I don't want any more cost overruns or lame excuses to squander my tax dollars. We need to know exactly what we are voting for and exactly how much it will cost. This can be done as I have personal experience on the project development team.

We have allowed our elected officials an easy out and this has allowed them to play fast and loose with the numbers. I am sick of it!

O.K. I'm finished scratching that particular chigger bite.