Monday, March 27, 2006

Illegal Immigration

The solution to the illegal immigration problem is really very simple. Severely punish with stiff fines and mandatory jail time anyone who hires an illegal. Even with rampant identity theft and fraud, it should dry the employment pool to the point that most illegals will get the point and head home. Most illegals are here for the economic opportunity afforded by the U.S. I certainly respect that, but I also respect the rule of law.

Shoddy to a lack of enforcement is certainly no excuse for the Senate to take the easy road and pave the way for illegals to gain a legal status. That is what appears to be happening right now in the halls of Congress. The Federal government has swallowed the lie that only the illegals will do certain jobs, and if they are deported in mass, our economy will suffer greatly. Our decades long low birth rate created an economic excuse for illegal immigration. We simply didn't allow enough legal immigration to keep up with the demands of our economy.

We didn't get to this point overnight. We got here over years and I expect the solution will take years to implement. Is the solution to make people here illegally suddenly legal? When will the slumbering giant of the masses of U.S. citizens awaken from their sleep? Contact your Senators and express your opinion.

It is only a hypocrite who thinks that we have strengthen our homeland security without securing our own borders! What a joke! There is no doubt that U.S. employers have taken advantage of these illegals. They are pocketing tremendous profits on the backs of these workers. It is a form of indentured servantude. They don't pay them benefits, they pay them below market wages, no workers compensation, and pocket the difference themselves.

Angst Increases

Listening to KFAQ this morning has done nothing to quell the angst felt by this chigger and countless other good citizens of T-Town. The apparent last minute wrangling within the Republican party is enough to make your head spin.

Michael Bates on the Planning Commission, Terry Simonson hired on LaFortune's staff, rehire Chief Bean, we will never be able to sort truth from fiction. Especially from the lips of a deceiver. I still can't bring myself to hold my nose and vote for LaFortune. He is the "Jimmy Carter" of the Republican party, a good guy personally, but the worst leader in history. Don't get me wrong, he has led us the past four years. But that leadership path has been to further the demise of the once great city of Tulsa. Mr. LaFortune has squandered his chances. All Tulsans know that. The result for Tulsa Republicans is the spectre of four years of Kathy Tayor. We deserve it!

I for one will not compromise my precious vote.

Maybe the conservative forces in Tulsa have gained some momentum. Perhaps the tide is slowly turning. I know we all will survive the next four years, no matter who is elected. On that thought I will chill out!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Living in a Third World Country?

I have visited third-world countries several times. Every time you go you don't expect to travel on smoothly paved roads. There won't be a trusted police officer for you to turn to in case of danger or problems. And if the lights flicker, you think nothing of it, it's just the normal state of affairs.

It's not just my imagination, but my electrical service has deteriorated ever since AEP acquired PSO. It is now routine for the lights to flicker at the slightest breeze or the first few drops of rain. That's not how it used to be. These things can effect appliances plugged into a socket. They can be damaged by power surges.

This may be what you expect in Mexico or Africa, but we should expect more in the USA!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

They Can't Give Them Away

Just about dusk last evening our doorbell rang unexpectedly. We seldom see a door-to-door salesman anymore. Something about the timing made me uneasy.

We answered the door and standing there was a rather desperate looking young man. guessed it.......

He was trying to sell us a subscription to the Tulsa Whirled. I haven't paid for that rag for over two years now. Not wanting to offend the salesman we politely said no. He persisted and asked us why, and we told him. His reply was he didn't care what we did with it after we subscribed to it, we could throw it away for all he cared.

Needless to say, he left our home looking more desperate!

I suspect that the Whirled has falling subscription rates just like all the other major papers are experiencing.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Now We Know Kathy Taylor!

Wow! We sure have discovered alot more about Kathy Taylor. But so much has already been said and documented by my fellow Tulsa Bloggers. Really folks, these are Tulsa's modern day "electronic town criers".

When I first posted a blog on Kathy Taylor, never in my wildest dreams would I have even suspected that things of such great magnitude would be revealed about her. As you know, I was suspicious of her sudden interest in T-Town. She was interested enough to run for Tulsa's mayor. No one I talked with knew anything about her.

It's certainly not uncommon for the rich to maintain multiple residences. Florida, as a no income tax state is a very common draw for the rich. But allegations about dual state citizenship, dual state driver licenses, dual state filing for homestead exemptions and dual state voting in the same election, all add up to something beyond belief. This cannot be overlooked by any normal person as simply a weird set of circumstances. It was known, planned, thought out and decided. Tax implications drive many, many decisions by the ultra-rich.

When listening to her denial of voting in two states for the same election, I was reminded of someone else's denial. Is it just me or were you not also reminded of the denial of then President Clinton on network TV looking straight at us and saying, "I did not have sex with that woman....Ms. Lewinski...."? The point is, rich lawyer politicians have and will lie straight to your face.

She may not have "intended" to vote in both states, but the independent records show she did. She has absolutely nothing with which to refute the written evidence. That Florida absentee ballot shows in her mind that as late as 2000 she still considered herself a Floridian.

She now denies she voted in Tulsa Oklahoma in the 2000 Presidental election. Her precinct records show she did. She tried to pass them off as bogus by saying there are other Kathy Taylors in Tulsa and she gets their mail often. Well, those same precinct records show there were multiple Taylors that voted. All of them did vote and they all had different names. What are the odds that these independent records are in error? Now that's crazy!

Tulsa Democrats deserve a better candidate for mayor than Kathy Taylor!