Friday, June 17, 2005

The Weathermen

I think I have blogged about this subject before. I'm too lazy to check on it. But it must have been at least a month or so ago. Anyway, its a real chigger.

Tulsa has way too many weathermen, oops! PC is weatherpersons. Please, please take me back to the days when weather only consumed 5 minutes of local news and they entertained us with Lee and Lionel or Gusty! I can remember when only Don Woods was a meteorologist. Anyone could give a weather forecast, especially here in T-Town. It was subject to change anyway, so who needs an expert?

KOTV seems to be the biggest culprit. They just picked up Travis Meyer, a long-time weather anchor for channel 8 KTUL. Now KOTV has innumerable forecasters, stormchasers, live video feeds, doppler radar, and clout. They can bust into programming at the drop of a hat, pre-empting popular shows, presidential addresses, NBA finals, all under the umbrella of "keeping us safe"!

I swear to you that this past week the broke into the NBA final game to tell us of a storm that looked severe. They went to a live video feed that was totally dark! You could see nothing. And they left it there for several minutes. Then someone noticed and panned the camera down to a streetlight, and then we could see that it was raining! Surprise! It is raining in Tulsa, OK!

Too many people, too much emphasis, too much technology! GIVE US A BREAK!

When the civil defense sirens go off, then tell us what's happening and show us the radar. In the meantime, fire the weather staff, hire some more investigative balanced journalists, and get an artist to draw us a Gusty-like character and make us all feel just a bit better about ourselves and our situation.

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