Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The not so public face of Tulsa's public education

This picture comes from this Leadership Oklahoma website. She is Margaret Erling-Frette, the not-so-public face of Tulsa's public education (at least as far as the average Tulsan is concerned). Michael Bates of Batesline has some interesting information and additional links about her here.

I met this refined lady last year in then Senator Penny Williams office while trying to get ANY legislator interested in some positive changes to the Oklahoma Charter School Act. It's just MY OPINION, but I don't think this woman likes charter schools, judging by her countenance change upon my introduction. Giving her the benefit of the doubt, we never had a conversation about it though.

She lobby's for various causes and companies including over the years, BOEING, GREAT PLAINS AIRLINES, TULSA PUBLIC SCHOOLS and TULSA TECHNOLOGY. There are many others I won't mention.

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