Friday, August 19, 2005

Is this man a villain?

I don't know Mr. Dan Hicks well, but he is an acquaintance. Actually, we each have sons that were in the same class and played on some of the same teams in the past number of years. Having observed him over those years, I was appalled by the personal attacks and names he was called as a result of his stand against pantheism, hinduism, etc at the Tulsa Zoo.

I know him to be a mild mannered and polite Christian man with a nice family. I respect him for standing up for all Tulsans who believe in the Creation account of Genesis found in the Holy Bible. He has never displayed any of the crusader arrogance of so many other Christians. There is no holier-than-thou attitude, no gossip, no slandering.

He is not a villain. He is a great example and a leader. Heck, I wish he would run for a local office. We sure could use more men like him! Check out this website for more information.


Anonymous said...

heck, if you agree with him and want him to run for office, I will have to vote against him. No one called him a villan. You are putting words into mouths to make a case and anger people. You are wrong to do that.

Anonymous said...

This guy in a douche bag. I have had the chance to meet and discuss various topics with him, he is no intellectual. I wouldn't call him a villian, but a douche bag, yes indeed. Narrowminded, know nothing. He has no business attacking sound scientific facts, given his limited understanding of the subject. Same goes for you old man. Good day sir.