Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Exercise Your Privilege and Vote

Regardless of how you stand on the issues printed on the ballot in today's election, I encourage all registered voters to get out and vote!

Early news reports indicated that as usual voter turnout at mid-day was lite.

Hopefully, you will cast an informed vote. Do vote today and in the future, take the time to educate yourself about the issues.

I try to do that, most of the time. I must admit, it's hard to really get to know a candidate, with all the hype and rhetoric that goes on in elections. But this election is not about a candidate, so it was much easier to get informed.

My father passed away just over 7 years ago, after a prolonged and devastating illness, from ALS, or Lou Gherig's Disease. He was a great example and he taught me by his words and his deeds to a) fly my flag during major holidays, and b) vote. These two civic things I try to do. And when I do, I am reminded of him.

Bloggers tend to critical most of the time. But I mean this blog to be an encouragement to you. Yes, we have an imperfect system of government. It has been a 229 year experiment. It is OUR system, a republic, not a democracy.

Get informed.

Get involved.

Vote today!

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Anonymous said...

I saw your profile and tell me why ANYONE would choose to live in Tulsa? I found it poor and backward when I visited ... infrastructure crumbling.

Also, it seemed to be dominated by the religious crazies! Take may advice and move ... you will never know how bad it is until you leave and live somewhere else