Saturday, May 06, 2006

Take Time for Serious Consideration

Tulsans know that there is an election coming up this Tuesday. For election weary Tulsans, our politicians decided we needed yet another chance to vote. This time its the venerable third penny for capital improvements.

We could have been voting on an 18 month extension to the last third penny to cover the first shortfall and to complete all the projects previously approved by the voters. But, we don't have that straightforward option.

This time we have a completely new third penny. Somehow over the decades this penny has been hijacked in usual fashion by those not so concerned with our crumbling infrastructure, but for a hodgepodge of porcine projects.

Our streets are a disgrace. Anyone with any reasoning knows that we need a major emphasis on improving streets. Yet this third penny gives only a token amount to street projects. My problem is not with the third penny so much as the priority of projects and what the projects themselves represent.

If, by some miracle, this tax is defeated, it only means we are telling politicans we don't like this plan, roll up your sleeves and give us another practical choice.

With no organized opposition, this third penny will know doubt be passed. It would be nice for once to see the electorate rise up and send the politicos a message. We are sick and tired of the poor stewardship of the public funds we entrust you with.

I'm surprised that someone along the way has not had us vote on making this temporary tax permanent. We have yet to defeat it, because Tulsans know that we need and want quality infrastructure. (Streets, sewer, water, etc.) But the point is that it is a temporary tax. We are given the responsibility to see it, study it, and then vote on it. Alas, most don't take the time to inform themselves before they vote.

I only control one vote, my own. I will be voting NO.

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