Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Congratulations TSAS!

Congratulations to the Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences. The quiet little charter school with consistently high academic success.

They were just notified that they have four National Merit Semi-finalists and one honorable mention. This is in a high school with a total enrollment of about 275.

As most of you know, I am an advocate of more charter schools in Tulsa. It is currently the only way to work within the system to even attempt a meaningful reform of public education in T-Town. It is my premise that the Education Service Center is incapable of the type of reform needed. Charter schools at least offer an alternative.

TSAS is working!


Anonymous said...

Did those students go all four years to TSAS? If so, that is an amazing accomplishment for the school. If not, how long did they attend? Where did they attend before that? Interesting post.

Red Bug said...

To my knowledge, and I know one of them personally, they are "home-grown" and not transfers.

TSAS has high academic standards and has attracted good students.

This school is one that Tulsans can be proud of and we should support it as a community.