Monday, October 02, 2006

Tulsa Chigger's River Vision

With all the public discourse on the Arkansas River development proposal. I, of course, would like to add my two cents.

It has been my vision for some time now to re-route some of the water from the muddy Arkansas river to a channel or canal through Tulsa's downtown area. Yeah, let us get rid of a few of those pesky one-way downtown streets. Bring the water to downtown and kill two birds with one stone!

Water has an amazing way of attracting people. It's kinda nice to walk or drive across a bridge. It attracts people and wildlife (not that we need any more crazys in our downtown area). Think of the riverwalk in San Antonio. Have you ever been to downtown Milwaukee? It is fantastic! Now that's something we could shoot for.

Another thing, I don't want to vote on any idea until the project has firm turn-key contract costs associated with it. I don't want any more cost overruns or lame excuses to squander my tax dollars. We need to know exactly what we are voting for and exactly how much it will cost. This can be done as I have personal experience on the project development team.

We have allowed our elected officials an easy out and this has allowed them to play fast and loose with the numbers. I am sick of it!

O.K. I'm finished scratching that particular chigger bite.


Anonymous said...

Seems nobody notices there's a 50-60 foot elevation change between the river and downtown.

D.Schuttler said...

Oh and we are not capable of moving water

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Anonymous said...

By the way,tent city denizens will have till halloween.They have to vacate so I guess it will be like a scene from an MTV video.Michael Jackson's Thriller comes to mind.They will have to find somewhere they can live and use drugs/alcohol.