Thursday, November 09, 2006

We Can't Sit Still

Bell's has been operating at the Tulsa Fairgrounds since 1951. Now, on the eve of our State Centenial the CEO and the Board of the fairgrounds seem determined not to extend the lease for Bell's, giving them only 120 days to vacate the premises.

Next, they will most likely blow up the Golden Driller!

Apparently, with all the county money that has been poured into the fairgrounds, the Board doesn't think that Bell's brings in enough dinero. NOTE TO THE FAIRGROUNDS AUTHORITIES: There is more to life than money! Bell's means much more to real Tulsans! It is one of the few landmarks for us that still remains. Like the Golden Driller, it is a comforting reminder of continuity for Tulsa.

We hate to see the shape of the old Rose Bowl on 11th Street. We were dismayed to see the Meadow Gold sign come down. Mayo Meadow is now history. But Bell's is something we can prevent. Tulsa's loss of Bell's will be another coup for one of our suburbs.

Sure, Zingo makes noise and is a nuisance to neighbors, that has been addressed. But it is good clean, family fun! A rare place for Tulsans to have a good time.

Fellow Tulsans, we need to let the fairgrounds authorities know what we think of this decision! There is not much time.

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Anonymous said...

If you're so willing to support
Bells maybe you could start paying all the bills they owe people - there's more to this story than you may know - and if they owed you money you might also be asking them to leave