Friday, February 09, 2007

Vote For Brenda Barre!

I concur with Michael Bates of Urban Tulsa that voters this coming Tuesday in District 1 should cast their ballot for Brenda Barre for the TPS School Board. You can link to his excellent article here.

Her opponent, Gary Percefull, as the incumbent, has acted like he is biding his time and his service on the TPS Board is mere window dressing. No doubt he has aspirations for some type of high paying gig on the government dole. He has served his time and now the "good ole boys" are just waiting to welcome him with open arms. Well done, my good and faithful waterboy!

I personally interviewed Ms. Barre and do believe that she will be a real asset to the Tulsa community. I applaud her willingness to take on this thankless challenge.


A Proud TPS Parent said...

I for one am tired of reading half truths when it comes to Tulsa political issues. I too read Mr. Bates article in Urban Tulsa and was rather bothered by the half truths and inuendos concerning our school board. First of all I would like to say that Mr. Percefull voted WITH Oma Jean Copeland and Lana Turner-Addison in the matter concerning the moratorium on charter schools. As far as the board goes Mr. Bates makes it sound like there are numerous charter applications being turned down by the current board when in fact only 2 have even applied sonce 2002. Both of these schools were directly tied to churches and would not have been allowed by the state. When the DuBois Academy applied in 1999 they were turned down because of the lack of a formal business plan as well as spending state money received before they had even applied to the school board for approval. Mr. Percefull has been directly involved in a positive role of any charter schools that have come up for renewal. I know Ms. Barre and am well aware of her teaching background at BTW. But why is so emphasis put on that when she is running for a different district than where BTW is located? I do know that several of her supporters are also supporters of making BTW a neighborhood school again and by getting Ms. Barre elected that would get the quorum needed for voting. I would like to know what Ms. Barre has done in District 1 for those schools since she has lived in the district. Mentoring? Volunteering? I don't think so. Since Ms. Barre is so "active" in these issues I also challenge anyone to find any school board meetings she has attended prior to running for this election. Making BTW a neighboorhod school would be a GREAT disservice to TPS and I only see Ms. Barre's nomination as a backdoor ploy to assist in that endeavor. If anyone would care to check these facts they are public record in the TPS school board minutes.

Red Bug said...

Dear Proud,

"Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit to a fall"

I personally led a group that in the summer of 2004 approached the Education Service Center to request a charter school application. We were blatantly told that such an application did not exist and they could not help us!

It was a lie and a stonewalling technique, since all 3 current charter schools were in operation (under TPS), and this was before any restrictions to charter schools were presented to the Board.

That is the whole truth!