Monday, March 19, 2007

Not Another Traffic Light?!

Someone explain this to me, please!

The street engineers of Tulsa have just placed yet another traffic light just North of the I-44 overpass on Sheridan Road. The only thing I can figure is that they are about to make the access road that goes up the hill past the masonic lodge and TTC two-way instead of one-way as it is now.

Or else they just installed it so they can control traffic and make the through traffic have to stop or slow down.

Where did they find money to do this in the face of a city funding crisis?

Am I alone in being peeved by the poliferation of traffic lights between major intersections? I am all for removing about half of them and let the traffic flow.

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Mad Okie said...

the ONLY reason I can see for that light is to help people cross the street there. I use that road all the time, especially when 41st is backed up from sheridan to I-44, and I have never had any trouble crossing that road. So im with you, why? and where did the money come from?

on my side of the river at I-44 & 33rd west there is a need for a light or at least a 3 way stop