Friday, June 22, 2007

Cops for Kids

In its latest attempt to address the rampant crime in the public middle and high schools of Tulsa, the TPS Board is considering establishing its own independent police force. Sadly, this is what our society has degenerated into in order to have a safe school. The plan calls for a police presence in all middle and high schools in the TPS district.

This is contingent upon a $1.9 million grant from the Federal government. The grant has already been prepared. TPS is waiting on a response.


Zeppa said...

Jenks Schools has a police force. I consider this a positive development.

In TPS, if a kid behaves badly--I mean gets in a fight, cusses out a couple of teachers and the principal, resists physically, and damages some property, that kid is suspended for one thing. ONE THING. further, if they are suspended and cause trouble on the way out, it's no harm, no foul right now.

If a sworn officer were in the schools, they could cite the kid for each and every bad thing they did that reached the misdemeanor threshold. And instead of some parent threatening to complain to the head office (the "ESC Bomb", which works more than it should, because no principal wants to have to explain stuff to his boss) the parent is explaining to a JUDGE, and burning through money on all sorts of court fees.

If they have the guts to do it, this could be a great solution to poor behavior in TPS.

DavidS said...

Zeppa I am curious , what is really solved with the problems by using a sworn TPS officer. TPS has always been able to call TPD to take care of the problems you are talking about. One thing I am afraid of is, TPS will be in more control of the information about problems at TPS . We will not have the same access as we do when TPD responds.
This type of control can be scary......