Friday, January 16, 2009

It's All About Advertising

"Show me the money!" should be the by-line of this blog entry. In an apparent fit of envy, the Tulsa Whirld has sued Urban Tulsa and fellow blogger Michael Bates for libel stemming from an article written on January 15th. You can link the the article here.

This is all about a continuing loss of advertising dollars, the life-blood of any print media. Tulsa is too big for a one-size-fits-all print media, like the Whirld. Urban Tulsa is a weekly paper that fits the arts and entertainment niche that is rapidly expanding here.

It is not surprising that the Tulsa Whirld circulation continues to decline, following a national trend. And it is not surprising that they are using this bullying technique on Michael Bates again. Yes, this is not the first time they have badgered him.

Knowing Mr. Bates, he is not in the habit of passing on untruths. He does publish the lead opinion-news piece for Urban Tulsa each week. His viewpoint is refreshing from the drivel found in our daily monopoly. He will either retract any misstatements, if indeed any are found, or he will be vindicated.

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