Monday, February 02, 2009

Tulsa Public Works Reforms

Mayor Kathy Taylor has hired a high-priced accounting firm to conduct a forensic audit of the Tulsa Public Works Department. This is in response to the explosive revelation of bribery and corruption in the Department, perhaps to the tune of $4.2 million.

Over the past week news has leaked out about exactly how the bribes and kickbacks were accomplished. It was not just one way, but several ways. Having some first hand experience as the victim of embezzlement, I too discovered that it was not done in just one way, but in several. I also learned from that experience that any system can be improved, but it is nearly impossible to guarantee that it won't happen again.

Two of my best suggestions to the Mayor are: a) have all contracts bid competitively, and b) have all construction contracts be fixed priced bids.

And it is always a great idea to have more people involved in the process, for better internal control and less likelihood of collusion.

And by the way, what is Tulsa doing to get our $4.2 million back?

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