Monday, March 16, 2009

KFAQ Sans Chris Medlock

As previously reported by other Tulsa Bloggers, Chris Medlock has been summarily dismissed from his afternoon radio show on 1170 KFAQ. Without a hint or warning, his image and record has been expunged from the on-line record. Now, it will be more Laura Ingraham and a new live show with Elvis Polo.

Chris used to host the morning show now hosted by Pat Campbell.

In my opinion, KFAQ should have let the higher priced Campbell go and keep Medlock. Campbell is undoubtedly a slicker host, however, he still struggles with local issues. He has lost me as a listener due to his choice of regular guests like Mens Health Magazine, and Ernest Istook, boring!

Elvis is getting better, but no one knows Tulsa politics like Chris.

Instead of more Laura, how about Michael Savage? KRMG keeps preempting Savage Nation for any sports game down to high school football.


Anonymous said...

I agree that they should have dumped Pat, not Chris. But I would never say that Pat is a slicker host. The man talks for a living and yet his speech is filled with malapropisms. And could someone please explain to him that Chicken Little said the sky was falling, not Henny Penny. Is he serious or is that his idea of a joke?

Slapped Enough said...

Yep. Time to step up, T-Chggr. Git out there and do some REAL news, DAMMIT.

Anonymous said...

I really think the way this was handled in such a sudden matter that it wasn't just about finances. I think behind the scenes from someone who handles the finances has deep roots with Kathy Taylor or someone else who wants to keep Chris Medlock quiet about the real issues. He was the only host to continue to inform us on our local issues, and now without someone like that, it's up to us in our busy lives to keep track, which will be harder to do. Now the Taylor machine can continue to run down this city.

Anonymous said...

Pat Campbell IS full of malapropisms, as well as himself. Typical dumb guy with a huge ego that allows him to think that he's actually smart. He goes to great lengths to evade the fact that he lives in Owasso, even though he is proud to be "upfront". Living in a city other than Tulsa severly strains his credibility when commenting on Tulsa issues.

As for Medlock, all the conspiracy theories aside, maybe it's simply that he is the full-fledged jerk that so many claim him to be.Pomposity, arrogance and supercilious behavior only can get you so far...

Anonymous said...

It's too bad to see him go but it irks me when bad latin is being used.SINE means "without" and SANS defined is "with".

Anonymous said...

anyone in tulsa who believe the people who try and control this town did not have something to do with the chris medlock show being cancelled is not awake.

too obvious.

chris medlock and others risked all to stop a few people who think they have money who took the money from the poor and they are not robin hood.

a few people have had it their way too long.

i have complained about pat campbell and his comments and shows. i quit listening.