Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mayor Taylor Will Flee Tulsa

As it was just announced, Mayor Kathy Taylor, in a genuine carpetbagger style, will pack her bags and "flee" Tulsa at the end of her term as mayor on December 7, 2009.

I have always contended that she is not a Tulsan. She is a transplant from OKC and parts beyond. Now that she will no longer be Tulsa's mayor, she can't wait to get back to OKC.

At least during this mayoral election we have choices between Tulsans. People who were raised here and now choose to live and work in our great city.

Governor Brad Henry has tapped her once again, but this time in the area of Education. WHAT??? Exactly what did she do for public education in T-Town? (Sound of crickets chirping)
For that matter, since she was Oklahoma's Secretary of Commerce before she became Mayor of Tulsa, what businesses did she/has she brought to Tulsa during her tenure?

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Anonymous said...

Since this appointment will last only as long as Henry's term (2010), and makes no sense otherwise to create a new cabinet position, this seems more to me like public paid access to State resources during the coming campaign season (Feb-Nov 2010).

When is the final filing date for U.S. Senate?