Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Gwyneth Paltrow in T-Town?

Yesterday, the Tulsa Chigger spotted Gwyneth Paltrow sipping her coffee at Starbucks. I had met a friend there and we were also sipping coffee and having an extended conversation, when Gwyneth showed up. Incognito, dressed in designer jeans with high boots, very stylish but definitely not overstated. She is a beautiful woman! For over an hour she drank her coffee, ate some trail mix and surfed the web on her laptop. She seemed intent on what she was doing and most likely enjoyed being a "regular person" in Tulsa, Oklahoma, even for just awhile.

I put two and two together this morning when I heard that celebrities are in town for the extreme makeover home edition show. You never know who you will see in Tulsa!

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