Friday, October 21, 2005

Cultural Warfare in T-Town

I have been eager to blog, but too busy to do so lately. I've been doing some work in an area of town that I don't frequent too often. During my lunch break, I saw something that made me resentful. The next day I returned and took some pictures.

This was taken this week on the Mother Road (Route 66), specifically at the NW corner of 11th Street and Oswego. Not being too familiar with this part of town, I made a wrong turn at this intersection and couldn't help but notice the Mexican flags. Although there is only one in the second picture. The first picture shows you many more. They flew next to Old Glory, of the same size and I thought, importance. The owner is certainly pandering to the hispanic community of Tulsa.

Fortunately, the owner saw fit to fly the U.S. flag on a higher flagpole in one position of prominence. They are all being flown according to proper flag etiquette (see #11).

I reflected for a long time on why I was resentful. I think its because flags are such powerful symbols. To have another nations flag flown so promenently in Tulsa is just a slap in our face. Especially in light of the immense problems our country is having with illegal immigration.

Does anyone know that we fought a war with Mexico in the mid-1800's that finished the rough outline of what we know today as the U.S?

Greedy Tulsa businessmen have taken the almight dollar above the best interests of their country and countrymen.


meeciteewurkor said...

I've seen that dealership several times while driving around in a citee crew truck.
I wonder if the owner is hispanic? There are a lot of hispanics along the Admiral Blvd corridor, and also in East Tulsa.

Red Bug said...


At least he's flying Old Glory alone on the tallest flagpole.

The problem is just with the Mexican flag. Have you seen the Canadian flag flying so very prominently near 51st and Hudson?

meeciteewurkor said...

no, I rarely make it down south, I usually work the north side. What's the Canadian flag all about?

D.Schuttler said...

Want to see what happens if you put a confederate flag up?

Red Bug said...

I'll try to get a picture up soon of the Canadian flag.