Monday, October 31, 2005

The Search for Something New

It seems that our society is one that for some time now, craves the new. We are easily bored with things in an ever-increasing frequency.

This is what is called the frantic search for happiness. It occurs every time man tries to assuage his conscience with things of this world. It's his effort to find peace, contentment and happiness. It's a form of greediness and ultimately idolatry. As King Solomon wrote in the Book of Ecclesiastes, "vanity of vanities, all is vanity!" Surely we all know his story, a man gifted by God with a great mind, great wealth, great power. He tried everything this ole world has to offer and in the end he says its empty, useless, vain. In the frantic search for happiness, greediness turns to insatiability.

Americans, long bored with Christianity, have eagerly embraced anything that comes along, promising an alternative. We see it in our dabbling with Hinduism and Eastern mysticism after the Beatles met the Maharishi Yogi.

Lately, our facination is with Islam. This is the so called "religion of peace" by our President. You want to find out more about this religion, then go here and see more about the radical side of Islam. And as many have noted, the moderates of Islam are strangely silent about the current events, bombings, murders, beheadings, etc. In my book their silence completely marginalizes them, so if they ever do speak out, no one will listen.

Why would anyone follow such a religion? Could it be that Christians too have been silent for too long? Have our churches prepared us to be defenders of our faith? Have we pooled our ignorance for so long we no longer know what it is we stand for, or Who it is we follow?

The Book, or the Bible is the most published and oldest book in existence. It is the most unique book of all time. Written over a thousand years, in different languages, by the most diverse set of men and women imaginable. Yet the story of the Messiah or the Savior is clearly and consistently weaved throughout its pages. It is God-inspired and infallable in the original autographs. It is the only Truth we have in this society. It has stood the test of time and it will stand against all adversaries, including Islam. So Michael DelGiorno, you can calm down, but thanks for raising our attention to the issues.

To study it and to know it is a lifetime endeavor. If we only had churches that will accurately handle it! If so, then it would be perceived as something new. And then, maybe, just maybe, we will see our society turn back to God and then find true peace, contentment and happiness.


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