Thursday, January 12, 2006

TPS Board Considers Consolidations

The Board of Tulsa Public Schools has delayed action on a proposal to consolidate four north side public schools, Gilcrease and Monroe Middle schools, and Greeley and Houston Elementary schools. The stated reason for considering the consolidation is declining enrollment. You can read a little bit more on this here.

To learn more about Gilcrease Middle School, 5550 N. Cincinnati, look here.

To learn more about Monroe Middle School, 2810 E. 48th Street North, look here.

To learn more about Greeley Elementary, 105 E. 63rd Street North, look here.

And finally, more about Houston Elementary, 5402 North Cincinnati, look here.

No one likes to even think about their neighborhood school closing or being consolidated.

Here is a novel idea. In one of the empty school buildings, let the Deborah Brown Charter School locate there. Or perhaps the fine people at the Deborah Brown Charter School are crazy enough to consider opening another charter school? I'll bet you would see an instant enrollment increase!

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Anonymous said...

Well, as a philanthropist, I would think you would run for tps school board. Are you in either district that has an election up for grabs?
I guess, put your money where your mouth is.