Monday, January 08, 2007

Here's Your Chance to Improve Public Education


Right now you have your opportunity to strike a blow and help turn the tide toward the positive in public education.

Here are the names and emails for the board members for TPS who are considering a resolution TONIGHT to effectively put the brakes on charter schools in Tulsa.

District 1 Gary Percefull

District 2 Oma Jean Copeland

District 3 Lana Turner-Addison

District 4 Bobbie Gray

District 5 Cathy Newsome

District 6 Ruth Ann Fate

District 7 Matt Livingood

Please, please email each of them and express your opinion that they should REJECT the proposed resolution they are considering tonight.

If you don't know anything about charter schools, I understand. That's really your fault since they have been around Tulsa for 7 years now.. Essentially they are publicly funded but operate with their own board and staff. For more general information go to my link on the Oklahoma Charter School Association.

Charter schools have proved themselves to be excellent public schools that fit a certain segment of our population. They deserve to be expanded in Tulsa, not restricted or banned! I tell you all confidently that they have the potential to actually improve public education in Tulsa. But the existing public education establishment perceives charter schools as a threat and wants nothing more than to quell these upstart schools.

The meeting is at the Education Service Center, 31st and New Haven beginning 7:00 pm tonight. To speak you have to sign in early before the meeting starts. The charter school resolution looks to be at the end of the meeting.

Please email and show up to the meeting.


Anonymous said...

Thought you would think This article was interesting.

Red Bug said...

Wow! Thank you. I was indeed interested in the article. I have personally lobbied Jabar Schumate and Judy Eason-McEntyre about a year ago. They are both charter school advocates and are willing to champion the cause. Nice to hear that the chair of the House Education Committee and the co-chair of the Senate Education Committee both are charter school proponents.