Thursday, January 18, 2007

Minuteman Project Founder Visits Tulsa

Be sure and take advantage of this opportunity. Jim Gilchrist, the Minuteman Project founder, will be speaking this evening at the Brady Theater for free. The starting time is 7:00.

There is a virtual media blackout on this event.

Hopefully my fellow Tulsa Bloggers will be there and will provide sound and video.


D.Schuttler said...

I think since they only allowed interviews for today most media would wait until then. If the MM wanted the media to announce it days before I believe that is called an advertisement, which they don't do for free.

KOTV interviewed Gilchrist but I guess some media will black that info out.

Anonymous said...

Advertising is done on income-producing events, which should pay a fee. Public Service, political or other free events don't typically pay for advertising.

Take Roy Clarks' recent Roast and Fund Raiser(which raised contributions for the Elementary School). I heard of it a full week, each day, prior.

I even see KJRH and KOTV do what amounts to 10-30 minute ads for local businessness during their mid-day news shows.

I think mentioning, as news, that this event was going to occur was necessary, and should not be ignored by local media.

D.Schuttler said...

Maybe if it wasn't sponsored by KFAQ other media outlets would have mentioned it. Once a media outlet attaches their name to something why would they mention it unless they tie their name to it also.

Was the event mentioned during the week on KVOO? How often?

Who produced the Roy Clark pieces for the news? Did the MM produce anything for the media or just send that press release?

As stated above Roy Clark was a whole different type of event