Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Skittish David Boren

Skittish OU President David Boren locked down the OU campus yesterday in the wake of the Virginia Tech massacre. Someone was spotten on campus with something suspicious. Come to find out, it was an umbrella!

Perhaps that umbrella was like the one the Penguin had on the old "Batman" TV series. That one was full of bat-gas, ready to subdue the caped crusader.

More than likely, Boren is still reeling from Joel Henry Hinrichs III and his TATP. Boren led the cover-up of this obvious terrorist-in-training incident.

Yes, David Boren is looking over his shoulder and is afraid of his own shadow. He knows way more that he lets on. His experience in Senate Intelligence no doubt make his blood run cold, knowing who is in our college campuses and what they are planning to do.

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