Monday, April 16, 2007

TPD Get's Their Man-Leaves 200 Criminals Behind

The Tulsa Police Department finally extricated Rico Starks from the apartment he had holed up in after a no-doubt scary situation last night at the Morningstar Apartments.

After a routine traffic stop, Starks fled the scene and barricaded himself inside an apartment, while an angry mob of about 200 gathered around. This lawless bunch threatened the police by its presence, with rocks thrown and shots fired. This was confirmed not only by police, but by TV news reporters, one of which was roughed up by being grabbed by her hair and pulled to the ground.

I too am glad that the incident ended with Starks arrest and no one being seriously hurt. But I question why the TPD only arrested one young man on outstanding warrants and left behind up to 200 other people who had committed crimes like assault, battery, and rioting. Do we allow people to assault our police and walk away unhindered, thinking they have gotten away with something?

Thank goodness they got one off the street, but I think they left 200 behind. How were the citizens of Tulsa best served?

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