Friday, May 18, 2007

Brother of the Brush Photos

Here's a pic of dad with his co-worker George taken in 1956. Looks like he already had a good start on that beard! This pic was taken at American Airlines, I believe. He came off the farm in Illinois and received his training in aircraft mechanics in the Air Force. He came to Tulsa in the early 50's. Tulsa had a great aviation presence at that time and he worked for Spartan, Douglas, then AA.

I love this picture! It was taken in our backyard on the North side of Tulsa on 42nd Street in 1957. Dad has his Bowler hat and full beard for the Tulsarama celebration. Mom said he was glad to shave off the beard as it was hot and scratchy.

The girl is my older sister. I think she is holding an old Brownie camera with the flash attachment. I'm sure it is still around somewhere....

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