Thursday, May 10, 2007

Too Much Government Interference

I happened to take an old shortcut through my mom's neighborhood a few days ago. I turned down Darlington, my mind on automatic pilot. I came to my senses just in time to see a stop sign that was not there before. I traveled a couple of more blocks and there was another one! A total of 3 stop signs on Darlington Avenue in the space of one mile, where there used to be one. So much for the shortcut.

The same thing has happened in my neighborhood, and I assume it has in yours. Now, people do tend to drive too fast in neighborhoods, but wouldn't a yield sign do just as well? By far, most of the time there is no one to stop or yield to.

I think this is a daily reminder that we have too much government. This is intrusive into our lives. It wastes gasoline and time. The signs also have a cost to the city.

How can we get rid of some of these neighborhood stop signs?


MichaelBates said...

Almost all of those stop signs are there because people living along the street petitioned for them, hoping that they would slow traffic down to the speed limit on through residential streets.

Another less disruptive way to accomplish the same purpose is via speed ramps, but up until a couple of years ago, the City of Tulsa was unwilling to install them, leaving stop signs as the only traffic calming alternative.

Anonymous said...

If it's the area between 21st and 31st and Darlington, they were installed after an underage driver was speeding, lost control and crashed into a house at the end of my old street, killing a lady who was visiting relatives.