Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New York's Bad Apple

Democrat Governor Eliot Spitzer is the latest version of corruption and is a bad apple for New York. It appears Oklahoma is not alone in this regard.

You can read about it here.

He was caught in a net cast by Federal agents investigating corruption. Caught red-handed arranging a night with a high priced call girl in the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, he used the alias of George Fox (his picture is to the right of the Governor's). What a joke! Read about the real George Fox here. Eliot Spitzer is no George Fox!

I am really sad for his attractive wife, Silda. Her picture is to the far right. She looked miserable and who wouldn't be?

The Governor initially refuses to step down. At that point, in righteous indignation, a group should have stormed the podium, physically removed him, found some tar and feathers and tried to restore a sense of decency to a high elected office.

Corruption sears the conscience so that they don't think either they have done anything wrong, or it really wasn't that bad. But he has brought shame to the high office of Governor for New York. Especially since he came to power as a crusader for doing things right.

If he won't remove himself, I say the electorate should remove him. Perhaps impeachment is more appropriate to our society today. But a rail and some tar and feathers would make a lasting impression and accomplish the same thing.

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