Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Unscientific Poll Results

The results are in. The numbers were not great, nor are they statistically significant, but the readers of Tulsa Chiggers voted 8-2 that they are not satisfied with their "choice" for public schools in the Tulsa district.

The numbers were extremely low in light of over 1,400 people who visited Tulsa Chiggers over the time the poll was open. I guess that most of my readers don't like on-line polls, or perhaps they did not like my question. And after all, it is at the bottom of the page, so it could be easily missed.

Now I have posted a new poll question regarding the decision by the TPS Board to file suit against the Oklahoma Charter School Act, claiming it is unconstitutional. Please take the time to vote.


Anonymous said...

Completely missed the prior poll, flat didn't notice it.

But, the new one has its' own problems. A simple "Yes" or "No" doesn't really give what's needed, IMO.

While not necessarily supporting the suit or the intent, it was refreshing to at least see them take the proper means of protest rather than last years' simple, self-serving declaration.

At least this way, it gets resolved in a practical, permenent manner which follows protocol.

Personally don't feel there's a chance they can win, and thus, will have wasted what I'm sure will be huge sums of taxpayer money in the run. But, it will shut them up forever more.

Anonymous said...

Missed the prior poll - put them at the top!

And I don't agree with very much that TPS does - ever.