Wednesday, October 07, 2009

For Janet Barresi

I whole-heartedly endorse Dr. Janet Barresi and her campaign for the office of Oklahoma State Superintendent of Schools. She is an experienced reformer with the right set of priorities. I have personally worked with her on some charter school issues in years past.

You can follow the link here.

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Anonymous said...

oklahoma schools deserve the BEST. Janet Barresi offers to the voters of Oklahoma a oppurtunity to elect a person who knows the needs in the Oklahoma education field. Oklahoma is behind in the programs they offer. Oklahoma is wasting too much in education instead of getting results which Janest has proven can be and are raising scores in the style of the schools she works with We in Oklahoma must remember every failing student is a cost to Oklahoma. Its OK for great schools so contact Janet Barresi, a person who can turn the substandard education in too many school;s into a place of knowledge and education for ALL. Ask any parent, are you happy or satified with the Oklahoma school system , most say NO! We can change this but it requires all helping Janer, A father of a elementary teacher, a professor with doctorate at OSU ,
and a wife who has served over 25 years in education from special needs to regular school classes.