Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Vote For Mark Perkins

After careful contemplation I have decided to lend my support to Mark Perkins for Mayor of Tulsa. You can find out more about him by following this link.

I listened to Chris Medlock's endorsement of Bewey Dartlett, emphasizing our need to come together as Republicans in order to have a "seat at the table". I understand that, but at this stage of the game, I don't want to sit at the table with people from either party who tow the party line and carry the water for a 2 party system, both of which have failed us miserably. No, it's high time we elect someone new, with fresh ideas and no entangling alliances.

Tom Adelson sounds like a scared kid and his contrived TV ads pollute the airwaves throughout the day. We certainly don't need this annoying brat born in privilege with a silver spoon in his mouth. He would be bad news for Tulsa.

Bewey Dartlett's job as a Republican is to unite the party by moving toward the center to have any chance to be elected. Good luck! Bewey is definitely left-of-center as a Republican. Maybe that's not necessarily a bad thing. But I cannot shake 2 issues: His affirmative vote to approve Kathy Taylor's $7 million expenditure of my tax funds to settle an obligation with BOK created by the airport trust authority who pledged city assets on the now defunct Great Plains Airlines (and got their butts bailed out by Kathy Taylor); and his endorsement of Kathy Taylor earlier this year when she was running for mayor.

Mark Perkins is a registered Republican running as an independent. I think he has good ideas and a fresh perspective on issues surrounding Tulsa. I especially like his concern for education in our fair city. He also represents the increasingly important young professional class of people in Tulsa, who are our future. Mayor of Tulsa is not an easy job and I believe Mark has the stamina, the integrity, and the common sense it will take to get us through these difficult times.

Vote for Mark Perkins for Mayor of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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Anonymous said...

My vote will be determined where Dewey sits in the polls. If he has a shot of winning, Tom will get my vote, as I dont see any difference between the two of them, otherwise Mark gets my vote.