Tuesday, November 22, 2005

One too many verses of "Just As I Am"?

I heard on KFAQ this morning that the pastor of Tulsa's Victory Christian Center, Billy Joe Daugherty, was assaulted by someone during last Sunday's altar call. Apparently someone came forward and proceeded to punch Mr. Daugherty in the face several times, requiring stitches.

Although I have tried to find out more, I have been unable to.

This is serious business. Why do we have so little information?

Was it a case of an irate husband? One too many verses for the invitation? Or a blatant case of a hate crime against a Christian?

Was the person arrested?

Is it time for all churches to take steps to protect their pastor?


It seems that no sooner did I blog about this incident that Fox23 had a news feature about it. Also, Channel 8 has more here.

It was an unprovoked attack from Steven Rogers, apparently transported to Victory from the John 3:16 mission. Rogers was arrested for assault and taken to jail.

Pastor Daugherty was stunned and turned around by the blows, but did not retaliate (not being pugnacious is a quality of a pastor) but simply got back in his pulpit and started speaking about forgiveness! What a great example of Jesus Christ!

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