Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Terrorist-In-Training Records Unsealed

It appears that the files previously sealed by the FBI have been released on the Joel Hinrichs III case. It was made public Friday after U.S. Magistrate Valerie Couch ruled there was no need to keep the records of the search of Hinrichs' apartment, e-mail account and nine OU computers sealed.

FBI agents found the same type of volatile high explosive TATP used by the the now infamous shoe bomber Richard Reid, and in the recent suicide bombings in London inside the apartment of Hinrichs. Federal agents found mixing bowls, a slow cooker, a thermometer, plastic containers, a hobby fuse, a circuit board, six tape rolls, and bomb-making chemicals as well in their search.

As we have just seen in the recent hotel bombings in Jordan, even the best laid plans of the suicide bombing terrorists can go up in smoke :). We all saw the woman on TV whose explosive belt failed to detonate. This suicide bombing stuff is very tricky business.

I can only assume that Joel Henry Hinrichs III intended to blow up more than himself as he contemplated his move outside the packed OU football stadium in October. However, the volatile TATP had the upper hand, along with the Providence of God to thwart his evil plans and his scheme only succeeded in ending his life.

Perhaps we will never know the full story. How involved was he in the Norman Islamic Society located a block away from his apartment? What about all the witnesses who saw him there frequently? No one in Oklahoma will rest any easier this night in light of these unsealed records.

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