Friday, November 11, 2005

Roemerman is Right

Fellow TulsaBlogger, Steven Roemerman, has a new blog entry you can link to here. Its about flipping the 4 to fix the county tax back to the city of Tulsa. As he points out, the city needs it way more than the county right now.

I agree with Steven, but I want to add these comments about Tulsa's public education; our public education system does not need more money to fix it.

What it does need is for the leadership of Tulsa (elected officials) to focus on it and do what they can to influence parents about the great importance of a sound public education.

Yes, we badly need improved streets and public safety. But until and unless we turn around our public education system, Tulsa, my hometown, will not turn around.

It's a tough nut to crack, since the majority of people who care squat about public education, have either died, moved, or are in extreme apathy. It would appear that few in Tulsa care anymore about our public schools.

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Janet said...

Just thought I'd say hello. Found your blog by accident. Tulsa's my hometown (haven't lived there since the early 60's); and although I'm a long way away from there now, I still care. I'll keep watch on your blog from time to time!