Thursday, March 09, 2006

They Can't Give Them Away

Just about dusk last evening our doorbell rang unexpectedly. We seldom see a door-to-door salesman anymore. Something about the timing made me uneasy.

We answered the door and standing there was a rather desperate looking young man. guessed it.......

He was trying to sell us a subscription to the Tulsa Whirled. I haven't paid for that rag for over two years now. Not wanting to offend the salesman we politely said no. He persisted and asked us why, and we told him. His reply was he didn't care what we did with it after we subscribed to it, we could throw it away for all he cared.

Needless to say, he left our home looking more desperate!

I suspect that the Whirled has falling subscription rates just like all the other major papers are experiencing.


Honestly "J" said...

That's why I read the Tulsa Beacon!! Those folks do a great job telling the truth of what is really happening!

The Whirled is garbage!!

They've left there free garbage on my front lawn twice for 5 days each! It did come in handy, though, when I saw someone's obituary in it. The someone was an enemy!-not that I wish bad upon anyone, but that's the way it was. I just look at it like the Good Lord used the Whirled to deliver the news about the enemy to me! Funny thing-I almost thought after they sent the first weeks free, that if I was gonna see the enemy's obituary the Whirled would have to deliver free ones again, and they did!! It was a few months later, but they did!! It was almost too weird!

Tyson Wynn said...

We had a kid come by here the other day trying to sell The Whirled to help him win some prize or trip or something. I certainly didn't want the subscription, and he seemed surprised when I actually refused the free copy he offered. I wouldn't even use it to start my charcoal chimney (I have the Claremore Regress for that, you know). We usually don't buy things from salespeople, but when it's a kid we tend to just make a contribution, since a small contibution tends to be larger than the percentage of whatever they are selling the organizations usually get. I was about to offer him a small contribution when he asked me to give toward his trip anyway. Something about being so forward really hit me wrong so I told him I didn't think we'd be interested. If The Whirled is running these little sales contests, I wish they'd stop it already.