Monday, March 27, 2006

Angst Increases

Listening to KFAQ this morning has done nothing to quell the angst felt by this chigger and countless other good citizens of T-Town. The apparent last minute wrangling within the Republican party is enough to make your head spin.

Michael Bates on the Planning Commission, Terry Simonson hired on LaFortune's staff, rehire Chief Bean, we will never be able to sort truth from fiction. Especially from the lips of a deceiver. I still can't bring myself to hold my nose and vote for LaFortune. He is the "Jimmy Carter" of the Republican party, a good guy personally, but the worst leader in history. Don't get me wrong, he has led us the past four years. But that leadership path has been to further the demise of the once great city of Tulsa. Mr. LaFortune has squandered his chances. All Tulsans know that. The result for Tulsa Republicans is the spectre of four years of Kathy Tayor. We deserve it!

I for one will not compromise my precious vote.

Maybe the conservative forces in Tulsa have gained some momentum. Perhaps the tide is slowly turning. I know we all will survive the next four years, no matter who is elected. On that thought I will chill out!

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Anonymous said...

I would compare LaFortune to Ex-president Clinton.It all depends on which way the wind blows then he will go with a popular decision of the council.He knows this is all too true with the gang of five on the city council.