Tuesday, April 04, 2006

All Hail Queen Kathy!

I feel the earth move, under my feet. I feel the sky tumblin' down.....

Well T-Town, now we will get to know Kathy Taylor better. Certainly not elected with a mandate, she received 51% of the popular vote. I wonder if she will declare a mandate of the people sometime soon?

In her acceptance speech she did the right thing and reached out to all Tulsans. There is no doubt it was the Tulsa Republicans that crossed over and voted for Taylor. There is now no place at the table for anyone like me or who represents my views. And there won't be for a number of years.

The best thing now is for all of us to pray for Kathy Taylor and our city.

The greatest strategic move she could make on Monday is to reinstate Chief Been. With crime out of control, streets in terrible shape and Tulsans taxed to the limit, surely there will only be a limit to the damage Kathy could cause. Heck, she might surprise me and turn out to be a crackerjack major.....not!

I predict a Koran in her office, and a rainbow coalition marching through our streets. In many ways, Tulsa has gotten what we deserve.

One thing is for sure. We have just elected one of the least photogenic mayors in the history of Tulsa.


Thomas said...

Since Been has taken the helm our crime rate has spiked. Been begone! We need a real police chief not a worthless snake in the grass.

Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding! Reinstate Chief Been? You do know he was the lowest rated of all the candidates. But you, LaFortune and the good ol' boy network you uphold chose him over more highly qualified people. Odd that you would want the guy back who did nothing in the face of a rising crime rate. I guess he must benefit you in some way. Why don't you let us know what that benefit is, and why you keep talking about the appearance of the new Mayor. I notice your picture isn't posted - there is probably a very good reason for that. I think it explains why you are obsessed with her looks - it makes you feel better about your own.

Anonymous said...

The face that could sink a thousand ships!Everytime she talks her face contorts more than 'Stretch Armstrong'.