Saturday, April 29, 2006

Making our Homes Safer

We hosted a group of our neighbors, about 16 or so, plus 5 speakers at our house this morning. The topic was Tulsa crime and what we can do to make our homes a bit safer.

We had a realtor who suggested we keep our shrubs and landscaping trimmed back so burglars cannot hide in waiting.

A man from a local security company told us how we can get a no initial cost home security system, by paying a monthly monitoring fee.

Another man who sells siding and replacement windows stressed the design of new replacement windows designed so they will not be the place a burglar enters in.

A local inventor of the garage butler, a device that automatically closes your garage door if you leave it open, informed us that the majority of theft in the home is through an open garage door.

Then, our keynote speaker was a lady from the Citizens Crime Commission. She spoke at length about Tulsa's crime. The best prevention is an alert neighbor.

I now know that the motorcyclists who congregate at 51st and Memorial most every evening are a gang from Claremore. There is hispanic gang activity near 31st and Garnett. Crips gang activity on the North Side. Most chilling of all, a group of Ecuadorans called MS-13 are anarchists and there may be as many as 400 here in T-town. She strongly suggested any citizen report graffiti and suspected gang activity to the Citizens Crime Commission.

I have recently noted graffiti on a mailbox at the 51st & Sheridan. What have you noticed in your neighborhood?


D.Schuttler said...

Don't forget shoes hanging on telephone lines are a sign too.

Anonymous said...

Tulsans better wake up and smell the coffee before this smaller size city is effectively destroyed by illegals, gang violence, etc. Just get on line and look up Santa Ana, California....frightening - very frightening. Tulsa is on the way to being just that.

Isn't it all warm and fuzzy and politically correct for the Catholic churches of Tulsa to provide safe harbor for the illegals? The ONLY reason I suspect is because mexicans are their membership. If the illegals weren't predominately Catholic do you really think the Catholic church would care? I doubt it.

When our family came to this country many many years ago they came legally. The made it a priority to learn English and they thought it was downright RUDE to speak their native language in front of Americans. They worked hard and paid their taxes (payroll taxes that is - not just sales tax) and became American citizens just as quickly as they could.

They referred to themselves as Americans FIRST. Not mexican/americans, asian/americans, or african/americans. They were AMERICANS! Period!