Monday, April 03, 2006

Results from the Key Homeowners Association meeting

I have just returned from a grassroots meeting of the Key Homeowners Association. This association was revived last year after several years hiatus. For one thing, the past president passed and there didn't seem to be any real compelling reasons to meet.

In years past, we mobilized quickly to stop a topless bar threatening to locate at 61st and Sheridan. Flooding from Little Joe Creek consumed lots of time in the past, as well as neighborhood crime.

Under new management, the association put together a successful grant proposal for its share of Vision 2025 neighborhood funding. Our grant is just south of the maximum $25,000. It will be used to fund improvements to all the major entries into our neighborhood. Labor will be supplied from a long list of volunteers.

Tonight we decided to change the name of our neighborhood. At least as far as the signs go. We decided on Lafortune Park Plaza. This is descriptive of our area being in close proximity to Lafortune Park. We are the neighborhood just East of the park.

We also heard from a representative from the County Parks System about the upcoming construction of a community center/library. This will be located just to the North of the tennis courts off of Hudson. Everyone was pleased with the information.

Our neighborhood has been known as Park Plaza for decades. The problem is that there are numerous areas in Tulsa also known as Park Plaza. Kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it? With all the improvements to LaFortune Park, and its wide recognition among the population, everyone seemed to be in favor of identifying ourselves as being close to the Park.

Our neighborhood would be a great test case to test some of Michael Bates ideas on urban planning. With a few sidewalks and crossways, we could easily connect our area to LaFortune Park with all of its amenities, and with shopping at the Farm. Many of our people walk every day. Not a bad plan if you asked me.

Anyway, it was great to see some of my neighbors. We have all been in hibernation over the winter months. And its great to see our Key Homeowners Assn. active and functioning once again.

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