Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Michael DelGiorno laid the lop-sided defeat yesterday of Bob Sullivan by Ernest Istook at the feet of a negative ad featuring the comic genius, Gailard Sartain.

One of us is out of touch. I firmly believe Bob's strong showing here in Tulsa is due to his use of Gailard. Before that, who knew anything about him? That put him on the radar screen, so to speak.

Bob's problem is one of name recognition, and Istook has that hands down. It would have been nearly impossible to overcome Istook with his well established career in politics. No doubt Istook carried Oklahoma, sans Tulsa, with big numbers.

I would love to see the voting numbers in Eastern Oklahoma for men over the age of 48. I'll bet you dollars to donuts that those who were around here in the early 70's cast their vote for Bob overwhelmingly. Anyone who would use Mazeppa to poke some comic relief in a rather dull campaign shows they have a great sense of humor. That would be a great quality for any politician to have, especially a governor.

Lawzeeeeee! Let's to to Turley!


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