Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Sound Bite Phenomenon

After viewing the excellent on the spot coverage by Pamela a.k.a. Atlas Shrugs of an anti Israeli protest in New York City this week, I am struck by the fact that I would never get this kind of coverage from the MSN. Pamela has recently added the VLOG feature to her blog.

In a 4+ minute video, she provided up close and personal on-the-spot coverage. With great courage she confronts the protesters and you see their unedited response. Nothing left to the cutting room floor here. You get a REAL sense of what's going on. The combination of a video camera and a blog give the American citizen a real news story exactly as it happened.

I just know I would never have seen this type of coveage from any of the local or national media. Perhaps it would be reported in a local paper, buried in the back somewhere?

This reaffirms the need for the alternative news viewpoint represented by bloggers. And Tulsa is lucky to have a great group of bloggers, the Tulsa Bloggers.


Anonymous said...

What, no links?

Tulsa bloggers do a good job of covering politics, agreed.

Tyson Wynn said...

Don't forget some of us (Almost in) Tulsa Bloggers :). I am gonna get better on Claremore politics.