Friday, December 22, 2006

Lost Bully Pulpit

Michael Delgiorno

With his move to Broken Arrow, MD should find a different schtik. His rants have gone stale in the wake of his departure from T-Town.

He has gone from being part of the solution, to being part of the problem. Not that he is any different than the thousands of Tulsans that have preceeded him in a mass exodus to the suburbs.

I will no longer listen to his railings about the issues of Tulsa, knowing that he is driving to his Broken Arrow home in the evenings.


D.Schuttler said...

Wonder if this BA home will still be in Tulsa County?
If so, he'll be back in Tulsa once the County and City finish joining at the hip...

DelGiorno-KFAQ said...

Lets see if I follow this logic...I have to live in Tulsa to discuss issues and happenings there? Or to influence truth or directional wisdom?

I guess state issues are out because I don't live in OKC, the gay agenda because I am straight...border issues because we are NOT a border state or Holy War and Islamic indoctrination because I am NOT Muslim...or even public education because my kids are NOT in school yet???? become the first irrational, ignorant "shmo" to make this preticted conclusion and statement.

Really, grow up. I will speak the truth about Tulsa, Oklahoma, America, the Middle East, Earth, Heaven or Hell....regardless of my address. It's my calling, my job and my pleasure. If you really think where my family sleeps has any baring on are encouraged and welcomed to listen elsewhere! Wait, Joe Kelly is from BA...Durkee is from Bixby...enough...I can't believe I have wasted this much time.

You bloggers...really...grow up... stay focused and lets make a difference together...and stop with petty differences!

DelGiorno-KFAQ said...

PS...David, it's NOT Tulsa County.

D.Schuttler said...

Good move then.... I'm still 2 years away and holding.

Red Bug said...


Thanks for the ad hominem attack on the heels of your logic.....a nasty debate strategy.

Of course you have the freedom in this country to say what you like, within reason.

Speaking of growing up, I did grow up. In fact it has been here in Tulsa all my life. As an adult, I have chosen to stay here despite the problems and have been involved to better this city. A thankless and frustrating effort for sure!

I am quite certain that you will continue to snipe at T-Town, only now from the comfort and distance of your suburbian home. To me and perhaps a few others, that rings hollow.

Anonymous said...


"ad hominem"'re joking, right? Or maybe you don't really know the meaning of the word...right? You can't be serious???

You attacked me in a public forum...I just responded. And, I did respond to your explaining that how we reveal, inform, influence and change Tulsa is NOT attached to our home address, but by what we address as a unified group... as we focus on things that are not trivial, but matter. Just because I lived in South Tulsa it didn't blind me to how stupid an arena downtown was...and living in BA will not blind me to how smart a Branson River Development on river is...etc. etc. etc.

As for you character, I never mentioned it, other than to addressed a lack of logic... My advise to you, next time don't say something you can't defend when called on it.

Mad Okie said...

"You bloggers...really...grow up..."

Michael... you might want to put that "wide brush" down

Anonymous said...

Really! Would it matter if a man went to Art Bell's Mothership at night if he could talk intelligently on issues? And tossing insults is more of an Italian cultural aspect than an ad hominem attack. An ad hominem attack would state a man has no right to comment on the evils of gambling after being caught stealing chips from a losing bet. GROW UP!!

A man may proclaim the virtues of monogamous heterosexual marriage in one breath and in another breath question a casino worker's manhood by asking if he were the only one at the place who hadn't porked a female coworker, but that wouldn't diminish the truth of those virtues. GROW UP!

That's just trivial! We should focus on the important issues.

CMON! The radio and media industry relies on keen promotional and marketing skills and some are better at it than others. However, credibility, like trust, is earned and when one starts talking about the ability "to influence truth or directional wisdom" it's time to test the spirits.

Michael, whether this rung in your ladder takes you to heaven or great wealth or both, as a fellow sinner redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ, I'll say God bless you for all the good things you have done.

Even if you do turn out to be a huckster and leave Oklahoma with bags of bucks like Sylvester McMonkey McBean with Tulsans looking at their navels like a bunch of Sneetches..... I'd still chuckle a little.

Anonymous said...


How nice for you to remain anonymous.

First, if you believe everything you read...that's just sad.

But, even more pathetic is you don't even believe what YOU write. If you truly believed what you wrote about "...a sinner saved by grace" wouldn't have wrote the first three paragraphs attacking my integrity, Italian heritage or marrital monogomy. You would have approached me in person as a brother or then again with another.

I think it's obvious you are coward, a fraud and probably a household name in this city. Maybe a competitor or an employee of someone who has been embarrassed by the truth KFAQ has discussed, revealed or championed. If you're what EVERYONE else on this thread has done....register and use your name. Better yet, call me at the station at 460-1170 in the morning and lets discuss off air. Or, you're my "Brother in Christ" lets have lunch or dinner together with our families. Seriously, it will give you a second chance to do the Biblically, right thing; confronting my sin and fraudulant testimony. I'm available all next week....please call.

I doubt you have that kind of character, faith or I'll conclude with your last acusation: As for leaving with cash from huckstering...I wish that were the case. I assure you there's not a lot of friendships or money in the "speaking the truth" business. Lots more in the "Good Ole Boy" network world. But you know that...right bitter man?

I will say this...people like you inspire me to stay...and stay forever!!!! And, moving to BA has given me the peace and renewal of passion to do JUST that!

Anonymous said...

Larry King - a listener

Of course, I don't believe everything I read. Why would you login as anonymous and just type in your name unless you were just trolling or a fraud yourself. By the way you really ought to use some kind of spellchecking software

First, you'd better reread my first post and tell me where you were attacked with anything. Unless you are feeling a spirit of conviction, I see nothing but hypothetical situations. Well, except for the part about Italians tossing insults and even all of my Italian friends would admit to that!

Forget all the secret phone calls and such. Why don't we just break bread at a neutral site... say Steak and Eggs in Sapulpa... you name the time and day. Heck, I'll even buy. That is unless you are too cowardly.....

Anonymous said...


The reason I logged on the second and third time anonymous was because I can't get it to accept my password and it's quicker. Second, I am nothing without spell check...not one available on this program and finally, Sapulpa???? Steak N Egg????

Call me...lets do Tulsa....split the distance...and I'll treat (I'm the one with all the huckster cash...remember).

Call me Friday morning and we'll set up.

PS...The only conviction I am dealing with is to loose weight (10 lbs) and learn how to relax on the disernment of Spirit front. I think I just misspelled disernment....didn't I?

D.Schuttler said...

I have the tool bar on my browser... Too bad I get too lazy to use it...