Thursday, December 21, 2006

Union's Priorities Out of Whack

Former Union Head Football Coach Kevin Wright

Let the Tulsa Chigger make a prediction; Union High School academics will follow the slide experienced by other Tulsa Public High Schools. It's really not much of a prediction when you see the rabid school administration, parents and students frothing at the mouth over their beloved football program. Heaven forbid they let JENKS get one by them to win yet another football championship!

This insane priority/love affair with high school football follows the pattern of the inner city Tulsa High Schools in the 70's. Its only a matter of time, since academics at Union has taken a back seat long ago.

Let me ask you this question: Would Union High School even consider a national search for a high school math teacher? Yet no one says a word when they announce a national search will begin for the next football coach.

In this case history will repeat itself!

The following is from the Union website.

Head Football Coach Resigns

In a joint statement released today, Union Public Schools announced that Kevin Wright has resigned as head football coach and athletic director. Wright said his decision was based on the best interest of the program and the students.

“I appreciate the opportunity to coach at Union High School,” Wright said. “My wife and I moved here with every intention of being at Union for a long time. We have met some outstanding people who will be an influence on us for the rest of our lives,” he said.

“A change always brings about challenges and can cause division, particularly following in the footsteps of a long-term coach. Unfortunately, the students and the program have been impacted the most. My family and I have also been through a lot, and it is in the best interest of all concerned that I resign,” said Wright. “This will allow Union to move forward and its tradition of excellence to continue.”


D.Schuttler said...

Meanwhile while they built their new arena and moved their main office. The alternative school ran out of room and turned students away and back into the mainstream classrooms where they were sure to continue to fail and many just dropped out of the Union Schools or where kicked out of school.

Alot of these students made great achievments while they were in the alternative learning atmosphere. A smaller student to teacher ratio gave them the extra attention they needed to understand.

Instead of providing the space needed for this type of classroom Union spent in other areas that had nothing to do with the education of their students.

Anonymous said...

For the record Union is not a Tulsa Public School so their purported slide would in no way affect Union. If you live in Tulsa surely you realize the tax base they draw from and can see how they can afford to build facilities like they have. Their academic reputation is superb and until that changes you will appear clueless which I predict is the trust.