Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Swift & Company® Gets A Pass

Swift & Company®, a meat processing and marketing concern, self-described as "the world's second-largest meat processor with sales of about $9 billion, received no fine, no imprisonment, nada, zip, zilch, although raids by ICE agents netted hundreds of illegal immigrants working in their numerous processing plants scattered across the U.S.

Look at this logo carefully. Boycott the purchase of Swift & Company® meat!

The raids were conducted after a 10 month government investigation. However, the investigation centered not around the illegal status of the immigrants, but a ring of people stealing identities of U.S. citizens! This shows the comparative ranking in the mind of the Federal government between the two Federal crimes.

Officials with Swift & Company® were given a heads up last month before the raids began. They estimate "a raid would remove up to 40 percent of its 13,000 workers". And they expect us to believe they don't knowingly hire illegals?

In a written statement, President and CEO Sam Rovit said, "the company has never knowingly hired illegal workers and does not condone the practice". Yeah, right!

Here is the management team for Swift & Company®

Swift & Company® Management Team

They are among the industry’s most respected leaders (they say this not me). Meet the team that’s shaping the future of Swift & Company®:

* Sam Rovit - President and CEO
* Dennis Henley - COO
* John Keir - CEO, Swift Australia / Australia Meat Holdings

* Raymond Silcock - EVP, CFO
* Kevin Yost - EVP, Customers and Supply Chain
* Martin Dooley - EVP, Margin Management
* Ted Miller - EVP, Operations
* Matt Wineinger - President, Swift Australia / Australia Meat Holdings

* Bill McClellan - SVP/GM, Food Service Sales
* Dan Halstrom - SVP/GM, International Sales
* Mike Rempe - SVP/GM, Processor Sales

* Pat Huebner - SVP, Business Development
* Rajan Nagarajan - SVP, CIO
* Bill Trupkiewicz - SVP, Corporate Controller and Chief Accounting Officer
* David Colwell - SVP, Fulfillment and Supply Chain
* Don Wiseman - SVP, General Counsel / Corporate Secretary
* Jack Shandley - SVP, Human Resources
* Ed Bick - SVP, Product Management
* Warren Mirtsching - SVP, Quality Assurance / Food Safety

* Sean McHugh - VP, IR / PR / Communications
* Scott Vuchetich - VP, Policy, Planning & Analysis
* David Marantes - VP, Purchasing
* Michael Hajost - VP, Treasurer

You can check out an article about the raids here.

In my opinion, the Federal government left the job half finished. And they passed on a prime example of the abuse and illegal activity going on in virtually every community, town and city in the U.S. each and every day. As consumers, we can help remind the company who controls the cashflow and company outlook.


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