Monday, March 17, 2008

Tulsa, The Oil Capital of the World?

I really like the representation I'm receiving from my District 7 City Counselor, John Eagleton.

It seems he has an innovative and out of the box potential solution to the city infrastructure problems: Let's see if T-Town still holds the mineral rights to drill for oil and gas underneath the thousands of acres of land owned by Tulsa.

Read more about it here. Focusing at first on Mohawk Park, wouldn't it be great to see a gusher? And perhaps once more Tulsa would assume its historical role of the Oil Capital of the World.

We could thumb our collective noses at the idiots who block the further development of our natural resources, either at Anwar or off the Pacific coast.

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Pamela said...

I'm trying to click the link Read more about it here. I get a page not found error.

I really want to read this one:)