Thursday, April 17, 2008

Medlock Moves to Afternoons

Radio station KFAQ is still tinkering with their morning show. After the departure of Michael Del Giorno last year and Gwen Freeman earlier this year, the morning show continues its metamorphosis with the hiring of Pat Campbell. Chris is to move to a new afternoon program. The morning show will then be from 6:00 to 9:00 each weekday morning.

I am thinking that this will be a very good move for Chris as he will have a time slot in the afternoon better suited to his strengths and his audience. There will be enough time for the whacky things of local politics to occur and then for Chris to comment on them.


Anonymous said...

An afternoon spot also allows better opportunity to get live interviews with persons of current noteriety.

Anonymous said...

Medlock .... yuck ... Someone challenge him to get thru one day without using the word "I" ... I this, I that, When I was bla, bla, blaaaaaaa.... !!! Turned KFAQ off... heard all that a human can stand of him and that babble.

Will have to checkout the new morning offering now.

DavidS said...

It will be nice to have a show in the afternoon, that is not a delayed broadcast from another national morning show.
Hopefully it will work this time but I wouldn't bet money on it lasting around this market.
1430am starts their local sports show about the same time, don't they?

Pamela said...

I loved Pat Campbell when he hosted a few weeks ago. The main thing I love about KFAQ is the local emphasis.

I will check out the afternoon show. If I want to listen to the other national talk shows I listen online. It is annoying to hear stuff late, especially when many people have access to the Internet. With a live afternoon show there can be an immediate response with a local emphasis.

Anonymous said...

they're all a bunch of twats to me

Pamela said...

I will definitely be listening if I'm not in a meeting.