Thursday, April 10, 2008

Obama as President?

There are roughly 240 days until the election. I believe that as Election Day approaches and the magnifying glass focuses on a nominated Obama, that he will not pass scrutiny of his beliefs and his activities.

Already today, it was revealed that Wright was a former Muslim himself, and although he has received an orthodox theological Christian education, has been pictured more as a purveyor of vengeance and hatred than of atonement and salvation. His true beliefs are unknown, the public information indicates a level of apostasy from true Christian faith.

The Democrats are self-destructing. Roughly 20% of all Obama and all Clinton supporters have indicated they will sit out the election if the other candidate is nominated and their own candidate is defeated. McCain is centered to be competitive in the crucial 20% of the electorate that identifies itself as Independent, neither Democrat or Republican. This swing vote is where elections are decided. Republicans have no place to go and with the scary proposition of an Obama nomination, will get off their hands and work hard to get McCain elected.

Even though there is a strong undercurrent of dissent among disaffected racial and special interest groups, the monied interests grounded in the United States are not about to allow an Obama presidency. The question is whether internationalist monied interests, such as George Soros, have sufficient power to outspend the traditional American oligarchy in taking the presidency. The wild card is the world economy, the ripple effects of the credit market shrinkage poised today on a precipice of a meltdown or recovery, and stabilization of energy and commodity prices.

We no longer see the mesmerizing visions of Obama on the screen, of people "passing out" from the swoon of his articulations (pardon me for being a cynic but that whole "act" smells of a political prank to heighten Obama's perception as a "great" leader). In fact, over the weekend, Michelle Obama's support team was searching for more "white people" to station behind her at her speech to show the cameras of the "coming together" of the rainbow. Her rhetoric is more a reminder of National Socialism in Germany in the 1930's than Jeffersonian democracy of 1776. (I have sample MP3 of her speeches if you wish to hear them).

As time and events develop, I believe the racial character of the Obama effort will emerge. Leftist "Bushie hystericals" from MoveOn.Com and other white organizers will not be able to convert "Main Street" through the "herd mentality" without more substance from Obama.

Obama gives flowery prepared texts when done on his terms. But the Left strained credibility in comparing Obama's speech on Wright to Dr. Martin Luther King's "I have a Dream" speech. Many whites took heart to Dr. King's call to judge people on the "content of their character and not the color of their skin". No such lofty ambition emanated from Obama. In his defensive speech he painted the common fears of his own aged grandmother as equivalent to the damnation of America from a pastor, a figure of moral authority, from the pulpit.

Obama comes across tongue tied and unprepared when questioned closely. His extemporaneous comments are often disjointed and not "on message". His questioning of General Petraeus at yesterday's hearing was shallow and he had no follow up other than what was prepared for him. Obama demonstrated in talking with Petraeus and in his call for direct talks with Iran as being hopelessly naive and "just doesn't get it".

I believe the average American still has enough common sense to see through Obama as he looms larger on the election stage. If they don't they will resort to vote their pocketbook as they have the last 28 years. Obama's candidacy is still formidable and should not be taken lightly. He offers a more cynical deceit than the unobtained hopes of recent administrations.

His election will cause a step backwards, not because of the color of his skin, but because of the content of his character.

Gary Bonner

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Anonymous said...

I have democratic relatives in PA and are PO'd about his recent statement.They'll vote for a liar before a hater...and if he gets the nomination then it's McCain.